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 Making Your Sustainable Organization Stand Out

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I specialize in Content Marketing for sustainable brands. Of course, many organizations could be described as sustainable. See my description at the bottom.

Your organization, for instance, is emblematic of you and the value you’ve placed on our planet. You took a stand.  By investing in a product or service that’s ethical and protects the environment or is a sustainable alternative to plastic, fossil fuels, or chemicals. 

I’ll bet you have a compelling story to tell. And I want to help you craft it, cut through the clutter, engage your audience to drive results. Today, the most effective formula to do that is consistent, high-quality content marketing.

In fact, content marketing was the natural evolution of my thirty-year sales and marketing career. Thirteen years ago, when I recognized that it best described the work I loved and was already doing, it was a light bulb moment!

With the intention of growing my knowledge, I eagerly mined the web, read books by experts, and took content strategy and SEO courses.
I was also coached by an industry leader.

I applied my knowledge as Sales & Marketing Manager by pioneering a series of firsts–

The first company blog, e-newsletter, social media presence, and SEO. I also wrote and designed sell-sheets, (published) articles, ads, case studies, and infographics.

Where I shine —
Research (I’m insatiable)
Writing and designing content.
Marketing Planning & Strategy.

I have a journalist’s knack for synthesizing chunks of data.
Say you’re in a competitive market, I can pinpoint the tiniest threads of what makes your brand different and magnify them into attention-grabbing copy.

My niche is sustainability. I work with organizations who —
Protect our air, water, and land
Educate the public on climate change
Grow and promote organic food
Educate and train in sustainable practices
Companies that practice sustainable principles
Make sustainable products

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