About Suzanne

Specializing in 
small to medium organizations
that provide
environmentally conscious services and products.
In the San Francisco Bay Area.

Over ten years experience
One  Stop  Shop


Blogs. eNewsletters. Case Studies. Social Media. Infographics.


Digital Content. Print Collateral. Sell Sheets. Presentations.


Customer Surveys. Competitive & Secondary Research.

My Story

A significant portion of my career was as a sales Account Manager in the publishing industry. In my work, sales and marketing frequently overlapped. At some point I began to notice that discussions about marketing strategy was where I came alive.  It took honest self-reflection for me to seek a career change. I badly wanted to write, develop marketing strategy and create!

Over the last ten years I’ve pursued my vision in another industry.  In the course of writing and designing strategic content for the green industry a new passion emerged. 

Work has been an immersion program in the science and art of nature. I was seeing plants, soil and water with new eyes. But my fresh appreciation made the awareness of climate change that much more terrible.

It was my epiphany.

I became consumed with water conservation, plant life, soil health,  clean air and more recently, our burgeoning waste problem. A late-comer to be sure, but no less committed.

The drought and our erratic climate was an issue I couldn’t tear myself away from. I put my knowledge to work educating customers about what they needed to know.

Those of us living in the San Francisco Bay Area are lucky because sustainability has become a thriving movement here.

The solutions are boundless. Regional and local organizations are making a difference.  LEED certification is now the yardstick by which we measure a building’s success. 

It is my mission to support organizations offering solutions to climate change.  They have an important story to tell. And, I want to write it.